Our success stories in customer and research projects

CARA — Data Driven Workforce Management

CARA, our AI based tool for health workforce management, enjoys increasingly great popularity in the Austrian health care landscape. CARA is currently used by various hospital operators in Austria to get insights into the operative potentials of a new nursing profession (Pflegefachassistenz) in their organisation. They plan further steps according to analysis calculations of CARA, and monitor and evaluate the actions they took. Our customers benefit from valid results across professional groups on the one hand and the possibility to examine single professional groups in detail (e.g. grouping into chief physician, medical specialist, assistant physician, KPJ student).

Goals reached

  • Development of optimal, skill and grade mix for medical fields across professional groups
  • Taking into account all tasks done (close to patient, patient remotely, administrative)
  • For acute areas  (inpatient/ambulatory/special) as well as the long term and rehab areas
  • Transparency of tasks done, including effort on a hospital operator level, in a harmonized task-matrix
  • Adaptable task responsibilities and competences, in nursing as well as inbetween professional groups (medical, nursing, administrative, assistant, support, cleaning)


  • Decision support tool on objectivized data basis
  • Team mix calculations across professional groups
  • Efficient and demand-oriented personal planning
  • Flexible and dynamic mathematical model
  • Quality assessment by detection and fill in of gaps in data basis
  • Integration of existing documentation system through an API
  • Reproducable data based decision basis for ongoing evaluation