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Web-based personnel and resource demand model for COVID-19 patients

CARA — Data Driven Workforce Management

The relieve of pressure on health professionals, a focus on the actual (medical) core service, and an increase of individualized human resources development are gaining relevance.

For these challenges we developed CARA as cloud based system utilizing state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches to create a data driven, objective basis for modern workforce management.

CARA supports decision makers to ensure that the right amount of health professionals, with the right skills, are at the right place at the right time to deliver the right services to those in need of them.

Existing Data Warehouse

Our data warehouse includes data from 50+ hospitals, across all professional groups (doctors, nurses, therapists, service and administration) in different medical fields from standard to university hospital.

Management tools based on objectified data basis.

High flexibility and extensibility for future controlling parameters and data sources (e.g. electronic care documentation, electronic fever curve, external and mobile data sources).

Takes various factors and variables into account (e.g. qualitative/quantitative, known/unknown)

Integration and exploitation of pre-existing routine data (“Data recycling”)

Handles bad data: Gaps, over- and under-estimation of parameters

Easy scaling to different professional groups and medical fields.

Takes differences and nuances from different medical fields and professional groups on task level into account. (e.g. duration and frequency differences)

Differentiation between major professional groups (e.g. medical, nursing, administrative) as well as sub professional groups (e.g. DGKP, PFA, PA)

Reliable identification of additional potentials of relief of strain in medical professional groups.

Learning system: Increase the accuracy of results by continual integration of (evaluation) data.

Basis for iterative development towards a quality- and outcome based health workforce planning.

CARA Features

CARA Data Acquisition

  • Easy and rapid investigation and identification of all occurring tasks by professional group, medical field and organisational unit.
  • Quick answer to the question: Who is doing what, where with what effort?
  • Fast status check by self assessment features
  • No installation necessary: cloud based tool
  • Well suited for monitoring and evaluation

CARA Analytics

  • Integration and processing of large (routine) data bases in secondary data analysis
  • Combination of quantitative data bases and qualitative expert knownledge
  • Complex calculation for staff requirement in a transparent and comprehensible white box method
  • Development and utilisation of state-of-the-art approaches and methods in AI
  • Simulation scenarios with parameters defined by clients or our experts (e.g. quality, processes, legal requirements, costs, feasibility, etc.)

CARA Interaction

  • Simulation of user defined skill and grade mix scenarios, for real time decision support
  • Explore calculation results through interactive visualizations
  • Adaptable input parameters e.g. number of admissions, discharges, treatment days
  • Team mix results across professional groups
  • Specific settings for different medical fields
  • Adjustable responsibilities between major and sub professional groups

CARA Options

A flexible and modular approach enables CARA to be optimally adapted to the customer and the project goals.

Quick Check CARA

Readily available decision support on the basis of the Solgenium Data Warehouse. No data acquisition effort.

Integrated CARA

Individualized solutions for data analysis, and custom-made tools and technologies for evaluation and monitoring.

Real Time CARA

Dynamic up-to-the-minute analysis and organisation specific results in real time.